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Laminating Resins


Biodeg has a proven history in the supply of advanced laminating systems. Our product range includes

Solvent based polyesters and polyurethanes - a range of linear and amorphous polyesters and polyurethanes in organic solvents.

We are always pleased to tailor products to meet individual customer needs using customer specified solvent blends including low boiling and chlorinated solvents.

We can accept solvents recovered by customers from their process for recycle into their blends.

Water dispersed polyester and polyurethanes - dispersions and emulsions of linear and amorphous polyesters.

Solvent-free polyesters -a range of 100% active polyesters. Primarily used where a high flow rate is required during application.

Hot melt polyesters and polyurethanes - a range of crystalline and amorphous polyesters with application temperatures from 60 to 260c.

Reactive hot melt polyurethanes - a range of polyurethanes with various degrees of crystallinity, viscosity and molecular weight capped with free isocyanate groups. Tailored application temperatures from 60 to 130c.

Applications - Biodeg have developed systems for a wide range of applications including laminating polymers to metals, wood, leather or paper for structural, electronic or decorative applications.



Water based resin dispersions have become very important in recent years

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